Thank you for deciding to invest in a FORTE watch. Your satisfaction and confidence motivates everyone at FORTE to provide you excellent service throughout the life of your FORTE timepiece.

Each FORTE watch comes with a one-year limited warranty. To extend your coverage further, purchase an extended warranty from any authorised dealer within 60 days of your purchase.

During the lifetime of your watch, our guarantee is that it will be a stalwart symbol of subtle class and personality. With a design ethos that bridges the old world with a contemporary touch, each FORTE watch is a statement of refined excellence.

We believe in creating products that speak volumes about who you are.

We believe that luxury is meant more for the owner than the observer.

We believe that your wrist should showcase who you are.

We believe you should Find Your Forte.

Other FORTE products have varying warranty coverage.

Please follow these links to check on your warranty status, or make a service enquiry:


Life, it’s made up of two things - time and love.
A watch tells one, but what tells the other? We tell each other. Luis Ruelas